Crossroads TV Show (On Hiatus)

Through a monthly television show on RCTV-15 (Time Warner Cable Channel 15, City of Rochester only for now) entitled, “Crossroads”, At Liberty Ministries (ALM) seeks to provide viewers at a critical juncture in their lives with information about services available to help them survive and thrive in the face of life’s issues, namely, poverty, unemployment, addiction, child abuse (both physical and sexual), kinship care, etc.

To go to an agency’s website, click the agency name under “Agencies Featured on Crossroads”.   To view clips from interviews with featured guests/agencies, click an agency name under “Agency Video Clips”.   Each show consists of three Parts:

Part 1 – Introduces the viewer to the Agency

Part 2 – Discusses the services the Agency offers

Part 3 – Shares what you the viewer can do to help


2 thoughts on “Crossroads TV Show (On Hiatus)

  1. Hello My name is James Smith and I am the Director of Training at NEED Ministries. We offer an array of sevices to the community but we are new. I was wondering if we could schedule some time to appear on your show and talk about all that we have to extend to the community being a faith based organization

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