Facing Race, Embracing Equity

Facing Race, Embracing Equity (FR=EE) is a citizen engagement initiative that prepares and mobilizes individuals, organizations and the general public to advocate for racial equity and social justice.  FR=EE promotes active participation in citizen-led dialogues, community action groups (“workgroups”) and public forums to eliminate racism, racial disparities and structural racism in the Greater Rochester Community.  FR=EE launched five citizen workgroups to address racial disparities in the following areas:  Race and Housing, Race and Health, Race and Employment, Race and Education and Race and Criminal/Juvenile Justice.

Rev. Davis served (until May 17, 2017) as one of the co-facilitators of FR=EE’s Race and Education Action and Change Work Group.

The objectives of the Race and Education Action and Change Work Group are:

  • to provide community-wide anti-racist education;
  • to provide anti-racist professional development for all RCSD personnel and anti-racist education for all District parents; and
  • to engage in direct action campaigns in the area of education.

The Race and Education Action and Change Work Group over the years has worked with many partners to accomplish these goals including but not limited to the Task Force on School Climate, Take It Down Planning Committee (regarding pickaninny art on Dentzel Carousel), Faith Community Alliance, United Christian Leadership Ministry, Rochester Black Panther Party, Metro Justice-Racial Justice Committee, Black Rose, and many more.

Mr. Howard Eagle and Mr. Fred Tanksley are the current co-facilitators.